Thursday, 3 February 2011

Everyone loves a great love song

No other than Shereine Abdelwahab, I just love my soppy Arabic love songs and this one just happens to melt my heart...

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Is she really back?

Where on earth have i been you ask, well nowhere in particular really just been busy getting used to living away from my family and living only with my one and only, getting used to the idea i don't live in London anymore and trying my best to adjust well here...

To be honest ive just been procrastinating for some reason and haven't blogged or commented on anything in a while, its not like i haven't been using the Internet its just for other things, or maybe im a little too addicted to facebook, i find myself on there to keep up with friends and family since we are thousands of miles apart...

Sorry again for the hiatus seems like ive been gone forever but its only been about 6 months I know, I know that's a long time to be away and it was super sweet for you all to send me emails asking me when i'd be returning to the blogsphere, ive still got tons of emails to get through so bear with me but Inshallah im back for now i think:/so hopefully you'll be seeing more of me:)

P.S. I've missed you all so much...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Takin' It To The Streets 2010 - Urban International Festival

Will be held by IMAN the Inner - City Muslim Action Network on the 19th of June 2010 in Chicago, between 9am -9pm the entry is free and welcomes families so bring your loved ones along. Takin' it to the streets is a urban international Muslim - led festival which only occurs on one day, the aim is to show case artistic expression, spirituality and of course urban creativity all in the hopes to inspire social change.

IMAN is is a community-based nonprofit that works for social justice, delivers a range of social services, and cultivates the arts in urban communities. It all started in 1995 and was formed by Muslim students, community residents and leaders responding to the pervasive symptoms of inner-city poverty and abandonment. This festival will not only enrich cross-cultural community building only in Chicago, but also around the world.

Picture this:

  • 20,000 people
  • 200 vendors
  • 100 artists
  • 4 stages
  • 1 day

Featured Artists:

  • Mos Def
  • Brother Ali
  • Tinarwein
  • Chabab al Andalous
  • and many many more...

Four stages :
  • Unity Stage - Reflects this unifying principle and showcases the diverse musical talents of contemporary artists.
  • Hip Hop Pavilion - Bringing together the elements of MCing, DJing, Breakin’, and graff art, with skateboarding and workshops.
  • World Music Stage - Blending global expression of traditional art forms through international artists.
  • Streets Stage - The festival’s signature stage bringing together dynamic performers and inspiring speakers.

  • Faith and Justice - Speakers, panel discussion, and dialogue on a variety of issues relating to spirituality & social change.
  • International Bazaar - Cultural artifacts, multi-ethnic cuisine, community organizations and more!
  • Health and Wellness Fair - Free health screenings, information on healthy living and refreshments.
  • Sports Arena - 3-on-3 Basketball tournament open to all
  • Family Zone - Rides, interactive games, children’s activities, and family-friendly performances.
  • Prayer Center - A quite space open all day for meditation, reflection and prayer.
Only one day to see this amazing spectacle, so please come along and show your support! For more information about the festival you can click here.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

We Keep On Waiting...

And I cant wait any longer dammit!!! I'm talking about 2010 Fifa World Cup, of course I'm rooting for my beloved England and my darling husband is supporting the United States, lets see what he says when we wipe the floor with them haha:)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What I Wouldn't Do...

To see one of those around here, unlikely but here's to dreaming!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Yes Indeed She's A Cover Girl

This past week has been a pretty busy week and i haven't posted anything in ages and I've also had a hectic weekend from doing some home decorating to going to my husbands family barbecue but I managed to log on to my FB account and found a surprisingly wonderful uplifting article, its about a cute 9 year old half Libyan half American girl choosing to wear hijab and how her mother reacted to it, not your typical story.

Aliya and I wandered past rows of vendors selling prayer mats, henna tattoos, and Muslim clothing. When we reached a table displaying head coverings, Aliya turned to me and pleaded, "Please, Mom—can I have one?"
Source - Oprah

But anyways i don't wanna give the whole story away so its better you read it for yourself here . Trust me you won't be disappointed. Happy reading!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Must - Have Miu Miu's Leather Cutout Sandals

Whether your in London, New York, Paris or Milan one of 2010's biggest sandal trends have to the cutout sandals in a natural shade and these to die for sandals by Miu Miu in nude are not gonna disappoint. The Miu Miu sandals have a high ankle cuff and peep-toe and also a silver-tone zip-fastening back with a leather zip pull. I mean who wouldn't want these but it will defiantly hurt your purse if you get them but then again a loved one could just make you a lucky madame!